"The best thing to say about the Hot Flash Catcher is – IT WORKS! Oh My! Stops my flash in its tracks. I am getting the word out on this product. It's an end to misery for my fellow female friends who have suffered with hot flashes for years. On to sleep and comfort!"

J.J., Burnsville MN

"This product has helped me tremendously with minimizing my hot flashes. It is so nice that it is compact, portable and so handy, always there when I need it. I have found that just wrapping the soft, cool hot flash catcher around my wrists or even just holding it against my neck is all I need to do the trick. Thanks!" 

 K.W., Eagan MN

"Night time is my time to suffer! I've been using the Hot Flash Catcher 3-4 times a night. It is awesome! I cool down instantly. Sure beats tearing my clothes off!"

S.K., Minneapolis MN

"I had the opportunity to trial test the “Hot Flash Catcher.” It is portable and easy to carry in my purse. It is lightweight and fits snuggly around your neck. It has a nice scalloped edge and could be coordinated with your attire. It provides instant coolness without wetness. Great to have on hand at all times!"

 C.M., Bloomington MN

"For me, the Hot Flash Catcher has been a God send. I get around 20 hot flashes JUST during the work day hours. When a hot flash starts, I pick up the scarf and put it around my neck. Immediately the hot flash starts to dissipate. I no longer have a full blown sweat occurring making all of my clothing wet with perspiration. My make up no longer runs from beads of sweat on my face. This makes for a much more comfortable day at work.

I have tried many advertised treatments including vitamins, supplements, dietary changes, exercise and many of my own 'homemade remedies' and NONE of them compare to the efficiency of the Hot Flash Catcher.

The Hot Flash Catcher can be worn discreetly and can also be attractive. It is easy to put on and take off. I keep one at my desk at all times and when I use it, my hot flash that would normally last 2-3 minutes is gone withing 15-20 seconds. Unlike an ice pack, there is no melting or dripping. I also keep one in my car and at my bedside.

This product has made my 'hot flash life' much more manageable. I keep one stowed in my suitcase as well, vacation use is a MUST for my comfort!

My husband is also quite happy that I have found the 'Hot Flash Catcher!'"

V.C., Richfield MN

"I experience Hot Flashes on a frequent basis, and they are NOT short flashes but rather overwhelming body waves of heat. Now I can just wave good bye to the heat! The Hot Flash Catcher does just what it says it does...it catches my flash before it takes me over. I carry one in my purse and brief case. It provides quick relief, is easy to use and care for, and is simple and elegant!"

B.P., Plymouth MN

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