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"YES! You Can Really Stop A Hot
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Benefits Of
Hot Flash Catcher

  • Interrupts Hot Flash
  • Shortens Heat Intensity
  • Quickly Reinstates Comfort

And, it's

  • All Natural/No Drugs/No Diet Fads
  • No Pills To Take/No Side Effects
  • Easy To Use/Store/Clean/Lasts For Years
  • Discreet Solution/Fits In Purse/Attractive Scarf

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Why The
Hot Flash Catcher Works

For some women, this product can stop a hot flash in its tracks. See testimonials. However, our theory is that when the Hot Flash Catcher is used, it interrupts (or catches) what the body is doing and increases your comfort level by reducing and even limiting the duration of the hot flash. See physiology.  

We can tell you, with confidence, over 99% of our customers are happy with their Hot Flash Catcher!

Who Designed This New
Hot Flash Solution?

The Hot Flash Catcher ™ was designed by two Minnesota Sisters. It was then field tested by women who suffer hot flashes. Hot flashes range from being a little annoying to being full blown body sweats. Have you experienced a discomfort or a major sweat? What about having your body turn beet red from your feet to your head? 

Most women ages 40-75 know what we are talking about. We have a solution for your comfort!

We think you'll appreciate the design, simplicity and ease of use that comes with the Hot Flash Catcher ™.

Description Of Our
New Hot Flash Solution

The Hot Flash Catcher is a custom designed scarf made from a unique long lasting material. It is designed to wrap around the neck and to catch your hot flash. When the scarf is wet, it will draw heat away from your body/neck without causing your skin or clothing to become wet. 

Under normal use, the scarf is wet and kept in a small reusable plastic bag until you are ready to use it on your neck during a hot flash. See FAQs.

Using The Hot Flash Catcher

The scarf will remain moist for days when it is kept in its plastic bag. If the scarf ever gets dirty, simply wash it with a little soap and water. The picture below illustrates the wet pliable scarf ready to be used.

Image showing moist and flexible hot flash catcher sash.

Hot Flash Catcher Set

We have created a unique scarf set that has both a pink and a black scarf. In that way, you can use one of the colors for almost any occasion in a discreet way. 

The two scarves ship moist, folded and stored in reusable plastic bags as shown in this photo. Order.

Click Image For Larger View of Set

"How To" Wear The
Hot Flash Catcher (Photos)

Step 1

Wrap the scarf around your neck as shown.

Step 1 for wearing the hot flash catcher is to remove from the plastic bag and place around the neck.

Step 2

Pull the scarf through the pre-cut slot.

Step 2 Photo showing the hot flash catcher sash being slotted through the other side of the sash.

Step 3

Adjust the scarf to your preferred position.

Photo showing the wrapped hot flash catcher around the neck.

A Business/More Formal Look

The black scarf provides you with a more formal look without seeming so obvious that you are catching a hot flash. Also, see decorative scarf looks and videos.

Black hot flash catcher sash shows a more formal look while trying to catch a hot flash.

Our No Risk 100% Unconditional
Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will enjoy your pink and black Hot Flash Catcher Set -- that we offer a 100% 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't agree the Hot Flash Catcher Set catches your hot flashes and increases your comfort, we will refund 100% of the purchase price including shipping. And, we will even pay any first class postage that you incur returning any Hot Falsh Catcher Set.

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BONUS: Pay Only One S&H Charge
When You Order Multiple Hot Flash Catchers

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