Q1. Are there Instructions for using the Hot Flash Catcher Scarf?
A. Yes,
Click here to read the instructions online. Click here to download.

Q2. What does the "Hot Flash Catcher Set" contain?
A. The SET contains two Hot Flash Catcher Scarfs. One black and one pink. You can either order the SET (best value) or single scarfs in black or pink.

Q3. How long will my order take to arrive?
A. We are currently shipping within 48 hours. Allow 3-5 days for normal delivery. A shipping notice is emailed directly from PayPal when your order is shipped. When you receive the PayPal notice, we will have shipped your product within 12 hours of the time stamp on the PayPal shipped email. 

Q4. Does the hot flash catcher work on everyone who has hot flashes?
A. No. However, the hot flash catcher appears to work on over 95% of all the women who actually will try it out. If you feel it doesn't help with your hot flashes, we will refund your money. See out 100% Guarantee at the bottom of the home page. We will even pay for USPS First Class return postage.

Q5. I have very sensitive skin, what is the material made out of?
A. The material is completely organic and biodegradable. While we don't believe it will pose any issue, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you do experience any issue with the material. 

Q6. Will my skin or clothing get wet? 
A. No. The Catcher Scarf will feel wet to touch, but will not get skin or clothing wet. The material is designed to absorb. See "Our Unique Fabric" in the Scarf Instructions.

Q7. What do I do if the Hot Flash Catcher dries out?
A. Simply run luke warm or cold water over the scarf and then wring out the excess water. Under normal use, the material will not dry out for days.

Q8. How do I clean the Hot Flash Catcher?
A. Just hand wash with a little soap and water. Then hand rinse and wring out excess water and you are ready to use the scarf again.

Q9. What do I do if it looks wrinkled when I get it?
A. You can place a kitchen towel over the wet Hot Flash Catcher scarf and iron over the scarf to remove the wrinkles. Or, just begin to use it. Over time the wrinkles will usually just go away.

Q10. Why does the Catcher Scarf look like it has two colors instead of one?
A. The scarf has dried out on part of it. Simply re-wet, wring and use it. Once completely wet, the scarf should appear as one color again.

Q11. How do I store my scarf?
A. Store it moist in a reusable plastic bag.

Q12. Will it get moldy in the baggie?
A. No, the material is mildew resistant.

Q13. How long will the Hot Flash Catcher Scarf last?
A. The scarves will last for many years due to the indestructible nature of the scarf material. It is more likely that you will lose a scarf before you will ever wear it out.

Q14. If the scarf gets hot while wearing, what do I do?
A. As the scarf is worn, it may get hot directly where it comes into contact with your skin. You can simply move the scarf to a cooler area for your neck to resume cooling or even flip the scarf over on the other side.

Q15. Is there a Flyer I can use to promote the Hot Flash Catcher Scarf?
A. Yes. Click here to Download the Hot Flash Catcher Flyer.

Q16. How can I obtain a refund?
A. If you try our product and want a refund, simply return the product to:

Hot Flash Catcher Inc
13570 Grove Drive #361
Maple Grove MN 55311

You can also use our refund form to alert us as well as communicate with us directly at our email of hotflashcatcher@gmail.com which is the best method to communicate with us regarding returns.

All refunds are issued via PayPal to the original purchaser. Refunds of return postage are sent separately via PayPal to the email address used with the purchase. We do not have the option of including the return postage cost along with the original order refund on PayPal. Please note that we will also refund any First Class USPS Postage for returned Hot Flash Catchers or Sets, but we do not refund Priority Mail, Overnight, UPS or Fedex costs.

Please include a short note to tell us about your experience. It will help us to address any issues that are common among our purchasers.

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